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What We Do

The majority of our work is PR consultancy, content generation and B2B media relations. We have strong skills in the increasingly important digital sector, managing social media campaigns and contributing to blogs on behalf of a number of our clients. We also regularly deliver copywriting, website analysis, internal and external newsletters and we are a dab hand at constructing award submissions!
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Media Relations

Our little black book of contacts is brimming with the phone numbers and email addresses of leading journalists and editors working for national newspapers, regional titles, leading trade magazine and websites, as well as a raft of top industry bloggers! We spend time developing and nurturing these relationships in order to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. As well as pitching in the latest press releases and news about your upcoming products or contract wins, we work closely with journalists to provide written copy, ideas and comments on your behalf. We actively promote close relationships between our clients and the media at all times, encouraging face-to-face meetings and regular contact.

It is this dedication that ensures your voice will be heard!
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Messaging & Positioning

Who are you? What do you sell? Why should I buy it from you and not a competitor? What are your USPs? What are you like to deal with? What are your company’s values? What can your staff, customers and suppliers expect? What do your customers think about you? What do you want them to think?

These are all questions that need to be answered before you embark on any communications programme. If you are a start-up business this might seem obvious, but it is equally relevant for any organisation that is going through a period of change or even standing still.

Weston Partnership has extensive experience managing Messaging & Positioning sessions that are designed to clarify your market positioning and create your key messages. This will act as a foundation for all communications activity, ensuring that there is consistency across all platforms.
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Reputation & Crisis Management

Reputation & Crisis Management forms a key part of any PR programme we operate and is designed to minimise the potential for damaging and negative publicity. Planning and preparation is vital and we suggest the creation of a documented crisis management plan that dovetails into your own major incident planning, combined with a session with key managers to present the plan and role play some potential incidents.

That said whilst general principles apply, every incident is different so communication is key. Weston Partnership will provide 24/7 coverage for all incidents and office, home and mobile numbers for two contacts. At all times we will give you good, sound advice and relieve you of the communications issues.
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Content Generation

The media landscape is changing and there are now more channels and fewer journalists. On the plus side this means there are more opportunities however this can result in diluted messages. At Weston Partnership, we believe that unique content is the foundation for any successful programme and so generating meaningful messages and then adapting them to suit different platforms forms a key part of our work. This also helps to maximise the budget.

From traditional newspapers and informative websites to engaging blogs, e-newsletters and video platforms, we have the proficiency and the tools to create tailored content that raises your profile.
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Content Audits

It is all very well raising awareness and developing your presence in the sector, but what happens when a journalist, business partner or a potential client visits your website? Is the content up to scratch? Does it deliver consistent messages in a compelling fashion? Does it provide the hook that catches the bait?

Backed by experience working within the digital sector, Weston Partnership can analyse the existing content on your website. You can even take advantage of our team of experts to create absorbing copy, optimised for SEO, to ensure you are hitting the mark, both in your clients’ eyes and Google’s.
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Creating Investor Value

Weston Partnership has strong, proven experience in helping businesses to create investor and business value in preparation of a range of exit strategies.
This includes a leading technology business, with whom we have an eight-year relationship, which underwent a hedge fund backed MBO just two years ago. We have retained the PR account and we continue to work with them in support of the next stage of growth. We also have a ten-year relationship with a consumer electronics business, which underwent an MBO several years ago, and we are now supporting a new five-year exit plan. Whatever your plans for the future, we can help you sell yourself!
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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram! When it comes to social media the list is endless but there are still too many business that are not embracing the benefits of these platforms.

A well-thought-out and executed social media campaign will play a vital role in any PR and communications strategy. It provides the perfect opportunity to target your key audience, whilst creating and developing your own communities to interact and engage.

Weston Partnership can do that for you, supported by an insight into the latest industry developments and expertise in knowing what makes the average social media user tick.
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