Reputation & Crisis Management forms a key part of any PR programme we operate and is designed to minimise the potential for damaging and negative publicity. Planning and preparation is vital and we suggest the creation of a documented crisis management plan that dovetails into your own major incident planning, combined with a session with key managers to present the plan and role play some potential incidents.

That said whilst general principles apply, every incident is different so communication is key. 

Weston Partnership will provide 24/7 coverage for all incidents and at all times we will give you good, sound advice, taking care of the communications issues so you can focus on the rest.

Creating investor value

Weston Partnership has strong, proven experience in helping businesses to create investor and business value in preparation of a range of exit strategies. This includes a leading technology business, with whom we have an eight-year relationship, which underwent a hedge fund backed MBO just two years ago. We have retained the PR account and we continue to work with them in support of the next stage of growth. We also have a ten-year relationship with a consumer electronics business, which underwent an MBO several years ago, and we are now supporting a new five-year exit plan.

Whatever your plans for the future, we can help you sell yourself!